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The strangest thing happened to you…

Uptown, 11805 Coastal Hwy, Suite I


An eerie feeling awakes you, and you know something is wrong inside the mansion. You notice that the power is gone. As the lightning illuminates your fears and the darkness stares into your face, you realize that the thunderstorm must be responsible for the wrecked fuses.

Amidst all that, you realize you have company. Who is it, you wonder? You aren’t quite sure, but being aware of the mansion’s history, you figure it is a supernatural force. Time is winding down. You have 45 minutes to tap into your ghostbuster skills and catch the ghost, or else you will be trapped there for an eternity.

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What is an adventure room – “Poltergeist”?

To complete this escape room successfully, you need good logical thinking, composure, resilience to stress, quick reaction, and teamwork. The POLTERGEIST escape room is a challenge for the senses and an opportunity to escape from your daily routine for an unforgettable and exciting experience. POLTERGEIST escape room – what you need to know: game duration is 45 minutes; up to 6 players per team.

A distinctive feature of this quest is a maximum immersion into the atmosphere of the game. Take the opportunity to experience the horrendous atmosphere of a nightmare. Non-trivial interesting riddles; original plot. The convenient location of the quest room. The friendly atmosphere created by our quest experts. Purchase a gift certificate for playing in any room.

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Terms of use
It is strictly forbidden:
1. To be in the room in a state of alcoholic or drug intoxication and/or drink alcohol, smoke.

2. To carry into the playing area and use any equipment during the game, including mobile phones, cameras or any hand tools.

3. To take or deliberately spoil the props and equipment.

4. To take any photo and/or shoot video in the play area.

Participants agree:
1. With audio and video recording during their stay at the location.

2. To make a payment before the game.

3. That in case of violation of the rules, the game can be stopped without a refund.